Spring has sprung and we have exciting IAA news to share. Learn how to stay connected to your IAA auctions by enabling SMS Texting. Big news for New York buyers and exporters. Explore transportation options for delivering your won vehicles. Is your license or state I.D. set to expire? We’re offering an extension.

In this issue:

1. Rental and Fleet Vehicles? Coming right up.

IAA is the full-service auction company commercial sellers trust to move their rental and lease fleets. We’re currently offering a group of late-model Land Rovers and a batch of Ford F-250 Super Duty pick-ups. Up Next: Rental car companies are sending their excess vehicle capacity our way in the coming weeks starting with Enterprise. Stay tuned. 

View current rental inventory >>

2. New York Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act Update

Huge News: New York DMV will share vehicle data to facilitate vehicle exports! Thanks in part to IAA’s efforts, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency is now accepting N.Y. title vehicles, meaning those vehicles can now can be exported.

Read the latest on the NY Access issue here >>

3. Transportation Services

We offer a variety of delivery options for auction winners. No matter where you need to transport your newly won vehicles, IAA has a service that fits; IAA Transport™, IAA Local Tow™ and Instant Transport Quote make getting your vehicle fast, easy and affordable.

Learn more about transportation services>>

4. SMS Text Notifications

Staying on top of your auctions and vehicle bids is as easy as enabling SMS text notifications on your mobile phone. Get negotiation offers and post-sale notifications about payments, vehicle pick-up and more.

Step-By-Step Process:

o Log in and click on the “Profile Tab” then “User Profile”,

Log in and click on the “Profile Tab” then “User Profile”

o Scroll down to the “Contact Information” section to add or edit a mobile phone number. Entering a mobile phone number here will trigger a verification process where a six-digit code is sent to your phone. By entering that same code on, your mobile number becomes verified, and you become eligible to receive text notifications.

o The Profile tab “Notifications” will allow you to enable SMS (text) notifications for To Be Paid, To Be Picked Up, and Awarded items.

Ready to add your mobile phone number and update your notifications? Login >>

5. License Expiration Extensions

IAA Buyers with a business license and/or state-issued identification scheduled to expire will be granted an extension until July 1, 2020. This extension is subject to state extensions. Please check with your state's guidelines.

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