It’s all about the Rides with three new one-stop-shop auctions dedicated to specific vehicle-type inventory. See what’s coming including IAA’s new help center on Two new features for IAA Local Tow and enhancements made to vehicle data.

In this issue:

1. It’s all about the Rides

IAA is making strides with the launch of three one-stop-shop auctions dedicated to specific vehicle inventory. 

2. A New Help Center

IAA introduces a new feature to to help customers easily and quickly find answers to their questions. Within the new Help Center, users access information and read articles on topics including how to buy a vehicle, how to pay for a vehicle, transactional help, and much more. Visit the new IAA Help Center today.

3. IAA Local Tow Expansion

We’re excited to announce the latest expansion of IAA Local Tow™ with convenient new features including:

  • Preferred Location: Call an IAA branch to set a preferred vehicle delivery location other than your business, within 100 miles of the branch.
  • Auto Tow: Easily arrange an IAA Local Tow™ for every vehicle you purchase, automatically. Simply call an IAA branch and add Auto Tow to your account. Once activated, every vehicle you purchase at a branch where Auto Tow has been selected will be towed to your business address or your preferred location. The tow fee must be paid to initiate service.
Learn more about IAA Local Tow

4. Branch Updates

ACE Perris - Beginning, Friday, August 7, ACE Perris will begin hosting digital-only auctions. In-person bidding will no longer be allowed. In addition, ACE Perris 2 will be converting to a holding yard. All inventory will be sold through ACE Perris.

IAA CAT Pensacola- Defuniak Springs  (Offsite Yard) - Starting Monday, August 10 IAA Pensacola’s offsite yard, Defuniak Springs, will only be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for pick up between 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. CT.

IAA Branches in North Carolina – All Vehicle Preview has been canceled for all branches in North Carolina through August including: IAA Asheville, IAA Charlotte, IAA Concord, IAA Greensboro, IAA Raleigh, and IAA Wilmington.

5. IAA Enhances Vehicle Data

IAA’s vehicle data is now enhanced! Recently, IAA converted to ChromeData, the industry standard for accurate, timely, and complete vehicle data. ChromeData provides buyers detailed information and greater confidence when bidding.

6. Transport Driver Protection

The safety for all IAA Customers, Vendors, Contractors, Transporters, and Towers is a critical priority to IAA. To help keep our Transporters and Towers safe while picking up vehicles in IAA’s pullout areas, new outdoor signage will be at IAA locations in the coming weeks. Infographic signs will remind all individuals of our mandatory safety standards including:

  • Safety vest is required at all times
  • Do not stand under loader forks
  • Do not stand on truck when a vehicle is loading
  • Maintain eye contact with the loader
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from the loader

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