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Buyer Newsletter 36

PayPal, IAA Buy Now™ and Video Tutorials

Published August 13, 2020 - Written by IAA, Inc.

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An additional vehicle payment method is coming your way. With PayPal, IAA will offer eight (8) ways to pay. We are adding a new digital vehicle sale, IAA Virtual Lane, beginning the week of August 17th. These vehicles can be purchased immediately with IAA Buy Now™. We launched a new help center packed with valuable resources to help you with researching, bidding and buying.

In this issue:

1. PayPal is Coming Soon to IAA!

Paying for your vehicles at IAA is only getting easier. PayPal is secure, flexible, and fast. In a few short weeks, PayPal will be introduced as a vehicle payment method for IAA buyers. Be on the lookout for the PayPal logo upon checkout. Opening a PayPal account is easy, visit to get started.

2. A New Digital Sale is starting August 17th – IAA Virtual Lane

IAA is proud to introduce Virtual Lane starting the week of August 17th. Virtual Lane includes vehicles physically located at offsite locations. Vehicles featured in this sale are only offered for immediate purchase via IAA Buy Now™. This new segment of vehicles consists of fresh inventory each day and all vehicles come with condition reports. Avoid bidding and get the inventory you need at a great price.

Look for the Virtual Lane drop down in the Navigation Bar on

3. IAA’s Help Center

Every day we are adding something new to our Help Center. Below are some of our most-read, popular articles. This new section of our website is designed to help you, our valued buyers, get the information you want and need - when you need it.

How to Bid – IAA Auction Now™ Tutorial
Glossary of Terms
Resale Forms for Licensed Business Buyers
Payment Methods
Password Reset
Submit a Case

Visit the new IAA Help Center today

4. Branch Updates

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