Happy New Year and Welcome 2021! Everyone is anxious to put the challenges of 2020 in our collective rearview mirror. The IAA Team is eager and excited to dive right into new products, features and partnerships that will benefit our buyers, while keeping you up to date on important industry news.

Highlights in the Buyer Newsletter

Odometer Rule Disclosure Exemption Change 

Odometer fraud is a challenge due to vehicles lasting longer and being resold more often as a result. To help reduce odometer fraud, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued changes to Odometer Disclosure Requirements taking effect in most states beginning Jan. 1, 2021. The odometer disclosure exemption will change from 10 to 20 years, meaning model year 2011 vehicles will not become exempt until 2031, model year 2012 until 2032, and so forth. This is positive change for all buyers to know the true value of a vehicle they are purchasing.

IAA Names CarInspector.US Exclusive Nationwide Vendor

We are proud to announce CarInspector.US as IAA’s exclusive vendor for Buyer inspections nationwide. This expands our partnership with one of North America’s most respected third-party vehicle inspection services.

Effective immediately, only inspectors representing CarInspector.US will have access to inspect vehicles at IAA branches nationwide. Learn how to request a CarInspector.US vehicle inspection in a few simple steps through IAA’s help center.

Login Process Update

We all do it. We save login information for sites we visit regularly, and after a while, we forget all the info we originally entered. That’s why IAA is providing you with a warning in advance so you’re prepared next month.

During the first week of February, we will be making updates to our login process. This update will result in your saved login information being removed temporarily. Now is the time to make sure you know your login info. To seamlessly log in following this update, write down your unique login information so you have it available. You will then be able to save it again for quick login.

Buyer Newsletter Voice Of The Customer

IAA’s strives to provide our customers with a quality experience from first search to final purchase. We listen to the feedback we receive from our customer surveys. In further editions of this newsletter, we will highlight areas you feel we are succeeding, and areas where we can improve.

IAA Local Tow™

We’ve received an incredible response to IAA Local Tow, an easy-to-use service that delivers your purchased auction vehicle to a desired location within 100 miles of an IAA branch. We’re happy our buyers are pleased with how easy it is to schedule a deliver , and the fast delivering your vehicle within three business days of purchase.


We are committed to providing a seamless auction experience for our buyers, from first search through the purchase of your vehicle. The response to our notification system has been incredibly positive, specifically prompt alerts when a saved vehicle goes up for auction, and when a buyer’s bid has been surpassed. We are continuously evaluating our online bidding platform to improve your auction experience.

Welcome to bidding at IAA in 2021. The new IAA Interact platform provides a digital experience that puts our customers next to and inside every vehicle with innovative digital tools.

Imagery, information and personalization provide our buyers with the details they need to bid and buy with confidence. No matter when or where you bid and buy, you’ll be able to research each vehicle thoroughly to make an informed decision.

  • IAA Fort Myers has relocated. Their new location will be at 11950 State Road 82, Fort Myers, FL 33913.
  • IAA Columbia will be merging with (SC) newly renovated branch. The last IAA Columbia auction will be on Thursday, March 25. All new inventory will be auctioned through IAA Lexington (SC). Please make sure to confirm the location of vehicles ahead of time.

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