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Convenient Long-Haul Vehicle Delivery with IAA Transport™

IAA Transport™ handles long hauls domestically and in select international markets. Competitive long-haul rates are available to view and approve at checkout.

Published February 24, 2022 - Written by IAA, Inc.

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IAA’s dedication to providing our customers with more flexibility and efficiency includes competitive rates for long hauls with IAA Transport™, some new floor planning options, and a limited-time financing offer when you floor your vehicles with Kinetic Advantage. 

Highlights in the Buyer Newsletter

Let IAA Transport™ Handle Your Long Hauls 

IAA Transport™ can deliver your vehicles farther than you might expect. Our all-in-one transportation solution handles long hauls domestically and in select international markets. Buyers will get a competitive rate quote for Stationary and Run & Drive vehicles at checkout, and the cost can be applied through some of our floor planning providers. And keep an eye out for IAA Transport when it's available on the IAA Buyer app in March. 

IAA Transport Vehicle Delivery 

Choose Your Ideal Flooring Partner 

Providing our buyers with more financing options and greater flexibility is always a priority at IAA. Choosing the flooring plan that is best suited to your business is now even easier with multiple new offerings available from Westlake Flooring, First Choice Financial, and Auction Credit. Visit today to explore all the unique options so you can take control of your financing plan.  

IAA Floor Planning Options

Get 7 Days Free Financing with Kinetic!*  

Looking for a simple floor plan solution to maximize success and minimize worry? Kinetic Advantage can provide the flexibility you need, and they’re now offering 7 days of free financing on any units purchased from IAA from March 1, 2022 through April 15, 2022. This offer is valid only for new dealers who register with Kinetic Advantage. After registering with Kinetic, you can have all fees and interest waived for the first week when you buy a vehicle during the promo period.

Learn More About Kinetic Advantage

Buyer Newsletter Voice Of The Customer

We listen to the feedback we receive from buyer surveys and use that information to improve products and services. Below are some highlights from your most recent responses: 

  • IAA Transport™ is providing customers with competitive pricing and speedy deliveries. 

  • Our enhanced digital payment process is receiving positive feedback for efficiency and easy navigation. 

  • Satisfaction with the Sales List continues to improve.  

  • IAA Columbus has added a third auction lane. 

  • Three auction lanes are now available at IAA Minneapolis/St. Paul

  • Two auction lanes are being added to IAA Kansas City, effective March 2.

  • IAA Atlanta North is adding a third auction lane, effective March 1.

  • IAA West Palm Beach held its first sale February 7. Auctions are held every Monday at 9:30 a.m. ET. Visit the branch page for more information. 

*Under this promotion, select Dealers who sign new contracts with Kinetic Advantage and floor units purchased at any Insurance Auto Auction location will be charged 0% interest and no fees for 7 days. Beginning Day 8 after the date of purchase, standard contracted rates and fees will apply. For units sold by Dealers before Day 8, Kinetic Advantage will waive the first floor plan fee. All other standard fees apply. This promotion is only available to Dealers who sign contracts with Kinetic Advantage March 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022 and who are in good standing with available credit at the time of flooring.  This promotion is only available for units purchased March 1, 2022 – April 15, 2022 at an Insurance Auto Auction location and approved by Kinetic Advantage, with a maximum purchase price of $20,000. All units floored on March 1, 2022 – April 15, 2022 at an Insurance Auto Auction location must be floored under these promotional terms. In California, a Dealer’s initial floor plan advance must be at least $5,000. 

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