Learn about some great ways to promote your vehicle donation program.

Happy Fall! It’s time for bonfires, warm sweaters, apple picking and pumpkins. We thought it is also be the perfect time to carve into some good news and how it affects your vehicle donation program.

Vehicle donation sales continue to be the highest we’ve seen in years. As we come out of COVID, buyers are aggressive as they restock their inventory or try and “get back to business.” Coupled with our amazing IAA Interact™ merchandising platform and constant buyer marketing, charities continue to take advantage of strong sale prices during a time when donation revenues have fallen.

This graph illustrates a weekly representation of average sales in comparison to 2018 and 2019 to 2020. The three different line graphs represent the last three years, 2018, 2019, and YTD 2020.

How about s’more good news? The continued success of your program depends on your desire to be consistent and dedicated. That’s why we thought it would be beneficial to provide some unique ways to promote your vehicle donation program. Finding alternatives to traditional methods of promoting your program is essential to your overall success. See the attached PDF to learn some great non-traditional ways of promoting your vehicle donation program!


Corey Kusaba,
Senior Director, Charity & VPS, IAA

Donor Insights from IAA

Donor insights directly from our One Car One Difference platform. The results are a rolling six-month aggregation and will be updated monthly.

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