Steve Muscarello, our SVP and Chief Commercial Officer, discusses IAA's recent rebrand and tech launches in the UK, the latest legislative updates and provides an early look at CAT brief two!

Welcome to Q3! 

As I've mentioned previously, we're in the process of releasing four individual briefs that comprise our catastrophe response strategy! A couple of weeks ago we released our brief on real estate capacity, and we'll be releasing the next piece on our operational execution early next week. However, as you're all my favorite customers, I wanted to share it with you ahead of time, so be sure to click this link!  

Another big development for us has been our growth in the commercial sector. Our very own John Mathiowetz, VP of Commercial Sales, recently sat down with Cherokee Media Group president Bill Zadeits and discussed how IAA has productively managed the business through COVID-19, accelerated the transition to a fully digital platform, provided marshaling services during the pandemic, expanded in the commercial fleet markets and more. It's a fact-filled brief few minutes that you can listen to here. 

On the legislative front, despite restrictions many states are facing due to COVID-19, legislators are still actively implementing new bills that affect our industry.In our latest update, we highlight the alternative title process and how it's affecting our industry. 

I'm also very excited to share that  Since HBC Vehicle Services joined us last year, we've been diligently working on bringing it into the IAA family. The rebrand was just the beginning. We've rolled out two new products that will provide sellers with real-time administration of their vehicles and claim cycle. Staying on the topic of global expansion, our Canadian unit, Impact Auto Auctions,  also just announced the launch of IAA 360 View™ throughout all of their branches! 

This is a truly an exciting time to be at IAA and I’m happy that you're along for the ride. As always, thank you for your business. Stay safe and healthy and I will be in touch again soon. 

Steve Muscarello, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, IAA 

Steve Muscarello,
Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, IAA