Impact is expanding in Eastern Canada with new sites in Montreal and St. John’s. The Impact Interact™ merchandising platform enhances the buyer experience and drives higher returns for sellers. IAA released its annual industry report and shows how the pandemic affected the claims industry.

These are exciting times for Impact Auto Auctions, and IAA as whole. Thank you for reading this edition of the Client Newsletter, and you can expect regular updates from me going forward as we continue serving our Canadian clients.

You might remember that Impact has been an IAA company and part of a global vehicle marketplace since IAA spun-off from KAR in June 2019. We are committed to innovation and expansion in the Canadian market, and to grow our business around the world with a focus on advancing technology — while always keeping customer needs at the forefront.

I will provide you with an update on our Eastern Canada expansion and an introduction to our Impact Interact™ merchandising platform. I’ll also highlight our IAA Annual Report, which discusses how the pandemic has impacted the claims industry from driving habits to claims behavior. I wish everyone well, and I hope you’re staying safe.


I’m happy to announce we are fully operational at our new sites in Montreal (Laval), Quebec City and St. John’s. We’ve increased capacity and updated to a state-of-the-art modern office space for our insurance and remarketing customers. We have added bays for inspection in Laval that can accommodate heavies, and both Laval and St. John’s are conveniently located off major highways for easy access.


The claims industry shifted due to the pandemic, which impacted vehicle miles traveled (VMT), consumer driving habits and claims behavior. Recently, we released the IAA Annual Report, where you can learn more about how the pandemic affected claims.  

The pandemic brought about many changes, but IAA had already begun a shift into the fully digital world. We launched the first module in Canada for Interact in 2019 with Impact 360 View™, and it has received universal praise from both buyers and sellers. Impact 360 View leverages high-quality imaging technology that is unique to IAA and provides a complete view of the interior and exterior of vehicles. Buyers are given a truly interactive experience with the ability to rotate, zoom and pan images as if they are physically next to each vehicle to make a full value assessment.

Our goal is to drive additional bids and higher returns. Impact 360 View™ enhances the bidding and buying experience with exclusive technology that improves vehicle merchandising and helps sellers benefit from higher returns.


In December, we added Feature Tour to further enhance 360 View. Feature Tour gives buyers instant access to each vehicles original features and options. By leveraging SpinCar’s cloud-based software platform, Feature Tour provides videos, graphics and content in an easy-to-understand format — features that make research, bidding and buying all more efficient. Feature Tour gives buyers the ability to customize their vehicle assessments based upon specific interests such as safety, performance, technology, and convenience features.

Our commitment to innovation and technology separates IAA within the industry. 360 View and Feature Tour are only two within Interact’s suite of digital tools, I’ll provide a more in-depth look into each in upcoming newsletters.

Until next time, stay healthy. And thank you for your business!

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Blair Earle,
Managing Director, Canada

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