Steve Muscarello, SVP and Chief Commercial Officer at IAA, spotlights IAA’s industry-leading returns and the release of its Industry Report: Mid-Year Update.

Good Afternoon! We’ve officially made it to autumn! The weather is changing, CAT season is nearing its end, and dare I say that the holidays are just around the corner? 2020 is certainly one for the record books, and today I want to celebrate some IAA stats – some record-breaking stats – that have direct benefits for you, even in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mid-Year Industry Report was published recently. It is chock full of information and industry data gathered from the first two quarters of the year and I encourage you to take a look. Knowing how tumultuous the first 6 months of 2020 were, it is definitely one of the more interesting fact and figure reports we’ve published. We deep dive into all the key indicators and trends, but through a new lens due to the pandemic’s effect on our industry.

After reading the Mid-Year Report, you’ll understand the impact that COVID has had on all aspects of the economy, and the automotive sector in particular. What I am excited to report is that, despite market conditions and all of the unknowns, IAA has stayed committed to outperforming the industry… and we have!

Those numbers demonstrate IAA’s commitment to performance! Not to mention, our greater return percentages have been supported by our seller clients and others throughout the industry. How do we maintain industry-leading results regardless of market conditions? Our technology superiority and dedication to our customers!

Our focus on delivering higher returns, reducing cycle times and providing ease of use to our customers is bolstered by IAA’s best-in-class technology. We are leading the marketplace with our proprietary auction platform - IAA AuctionNow™, our IAA Interact™ merchandising platform, as well as exclusive, value-driven offerings such as IAA Loan Payoff™.

There are amazing things on the horizon that I can’t wait to tell you about! I’ll dive deeper into our technology superiority in the next edition of my newsletter, so stay tuned.

As always, thank you for your business. Stay safe and healthy. I will be in touch again very soon. 

Steve Muscarello, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, IAA 

Steve Muscarello,
Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, IAA