Word of mouth, testimonials, and feedback are what drive us to make our own informed decisions. Positive testimonials illustrating an easy donating process, tied in with good customer experience can be an integral part in producing vehicle donations. 

Before making a big purchase, you want to do your homework and read customer reviews. Word of mouth, testimonials, and feedback are what drive us to make our own informed decisions. The same applies to vehicle donation. Your donors want to know that they are donating their cherished vehicle to a good and reputable organization. They want to know that the process is quick and easy for them.

  • Are you reaching out to your donors after they donate a vehicle and thanking them?
  • Are you telling them how much the vehicle donation means to your organization?
  • Have you thought about asking them if they were happy with the process and if they’d be willing to let you share their experience?

Their positive feedback could lead to others following suit when choosing a charity for vehicle donation. The use of testimonials in newsletters, in social posts and on your website can be extremely valuable, as they help potential donors gain a true perspective of your vehicle donation process.

By adding testimonials into your marketing strategy, you add a sense of authenticity that can often push your vehicle donation program to new heights!

We would love to collaborate with you on strategies that would fit the personal needs for your non-profit. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a call with our team. Together we can achieve more!

Stay safe and healthy,

Corey Kusaba,
Senior Director, Charity & VPS, IAA

Testimonial Example:

“We’re grateful that IAA was able to accept our car. Honestly, we held off donating it because of the paperwork we thought was going to be involved. But your team made it so easy — from lining up the tow truck, to making sure we had the correct documentation, to the email that confirmed the receipt of the car. We wish we had more things to give. You guys are now first on the list when we need to donate again, and we’ll pass on the word to others. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.”

Donor Insights from IAA

Donor insights directly from our One Car One Difference platform. The results are a rolling six-month aggregation and will be updated monthly.

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