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Reducing Cycle Times and Cutting Costs with Additional Services

Centralized Releasing Unit plus Towing and Storage Resolution focus on critical points of releasing vehicles quickly

Published June 10, 2021 - Written by Blair Earle

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Engine Starts and Key Image help buyers assess vehicles in detail as part of the Impact Interact merchandising platform. The Centralized Services Call Centre adds efficiency for our Canadian insurance clients. Towing and Storage Resolution are helping our customers reduce cycle times and cut costs.  

Hello again! Summer is approaching, and I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I’m excited to provide another update about the happenings here at Impact Auto Auctions, an IAA company.

In my last update, I introduced you to our Impact Interact™ merchandising platform that has revolutionized the industry with an enhanced customer experience. In this edition, I’ll touch on why buyers are relying on Engine Starts™ and Key Image™ to assess vehicles down to the last detail to bid confidently.

In addition, I will update you on the success of two additional services that are reducing cycle times and cutting costs for our customers.

IAA Engine Starts

IAA 360 View™ is an invaluable tool within the Interact platform that gives buyers a virtual-reality experience as if they were physically standing next to the vehicle. Engine Starts builds on that theme with a 10-second, under-the-hood video with full sound that allows buyers to assess the engine’s condition as it’s running. Engine Starts videos are available on individual Vehicle Details pages.

IAA Key Image 

Cars won’t start without a key, and our vehicle Key Image(s) are high-resolution photos of key(s) or fob(s) to reassure the buyer. It’s another addition to the high-quality photos within Interact that detail the interior and exterior of every vehicle. 

Impact Centralized Services Centre 

Last fall, we announced the opening of our Centralized Services Call Centre to better service our Canadian insurance clients. This team focuses on our Centralized Releasing Unit (CRU) and Towing and Storage Resolution (TSR), both of which have led to big savings in storage costs and overall reduction in cycle times.  

Recent months have indicated a sellers’ market, meaning higher returns when delivering assets to

buyers faster as supply remains low. Our new Call Centre is staffed with two specialized teams dedicated to the expedited release of vehicles, while providing efficient customer support.   

Centralized Releasing Unit 

Our Centralized Releasing Unit team ensures vehicles are released immediately for sale, mitigating any further unnecessary delays such as missing documents. The ‘Problem Queue’ is constantly monitored, and action steps are taken for resolution with consistent follow-up so every vehicle moves along to release for sale quickly and efficiently. 

Towing and Storage Resolution 

If vehicles are held up in storage, our dedicated and experienced staff in Storage Resolution takes over. They specialize in negotiating payouts and expediting the release of vehicles within hours, mitigating any further unnecessary storage charges and delays.  

We recognize that both Centralized Releasing Unit and Towing and Storage Resolution are critical in the lifecycle of processing a salvage vehicle and we’ve made sure our operations are scalable so we are ready to handle unpredictable CAT situations. They are completely mobile and can operate from anywhere to support any region of the Canadian market. 

Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 

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Blair Earle,
Managing Director, Canada

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