Tell the story of how charitable donations can truly impact your non-profit organization.   

Do you remember playing telephone as a kid? You would hear the message and pass it around the circle with the goal being the last person who hears it relays the original message. Think of that concept when it comes to your vehicle donation program. Are you sharing your message the best and most effective way possible? Are your donors aware that you have a vehicle donation program? Have you informed your donors what one donated vehicle amounts to for your charity? Maybe it’s a day of research or the necessary funds for a family in need of food or shelter. Your donors want to feel good about donating, but what’s even more important is if they know what their vehicle donation can do for others and how their donation has an impact on your organization’s mission.

In a recent Non-Profit Pro article, NPP stated “As fundraisers, we see it time and time again. Our stories lead people to act… to give.” So when you want to motivate donors to give, invest the time and energy required to find your best stories and tell them well. Then be sure to share them with your other donors, too!

Tell a story about a vehicle donation if you can. Maybe grandpa’s old car was donated to your organization because he had fond memories of visits to your organization. Always make sure to get the approval needed to share and tell that story. Use newsletters, ads, websites, videos and word of mouth to let donors know that your vehicle donation program is a source of major revenue for your charity. We will provide the marketing tools you need, but only you can promote your program to succeed.

Stay safe and healthy,

Corey Kusaba,
Senior Director, Charity & VPS, IAA

Storytelling Example:

Here is an example of storytelling that explains what a vehicle donation does for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

A vehicle donated to RMHC amounts to enough for a family to stay at a Ronald McDonald House for a week! Your vehicle donation truly makes a difference.

Donor Insights from IAA

Donor insights directly from our One Car One Difference platform. The results are a rolling six-month aggregation and will be updated monthly.

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