Steve Muscarello, SVP and Chief Commercial Officer at IAA, introduces our new merchandising platform, IAA Interact™.

Hello again!

I hope you read the exciting news this week – our announcement of the IAA Interact™ merchandising platform. I mentioned in a recent newsletter that IAA is seeing a lift in proceeds for our selling customers attributed to our exclusive comprehensive merchandising platform – IAA Interact. This platform provides buyers with an immersive experience that mimics being physically present with the vehicle. The unmatched level of transparency provided by the Interact tools and features is certainly benefitting our buyers. It is also providing significant and measurable value to our sellers. 

For buyers, the tools and features included within the Interact platform give them the trust they need to make confident bidding and buying decisions. For our sellers, the imagery and video from Interact tools including IAA 360 View™, IAA Engine Start™ and High Resolution images, is now available within IAA’s inventory management system, CSAToday®. With this direct flow into CSAToday, your staff has information that can help with total loss determination, condition reports, and minimum bids.

As a technology company, we know that to sell your vehicles in today’s environment, an e-commerce platform with innovative merchandising is critical. Developed from extensive research, IAA Interact provides a best-in-class digital experience to our buyers - free of cost. It is exciting to see how this latest innovation has really delivered tangible results for our clients – both buyers and sellers. Be on the lookout for further developments with IAA Interact coming soon, and read the official release here.

As always, thank you for your business. Stay safe and healthy. I will be in touch again soon

Steve Muscarello, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, IAA 

Steve Muscarello,
Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, IAA