Corey Kusaba, Senior Director, Charity & VPS at IAA, provides an update for our charity partners.

In our April Charity Views newsletter, we strongly encouraged charities to continue promoting their vehicle donation programs, as we have not stopped doing our part in working to raise funds for your non-profit. Vehicle donation serves as a great fundraising resource, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m happy to say we have some great news to report - our joint efforts are paying off! How’s that for some positivity right now?

  • A big factor of this success is the fact that vehicle donations do not require any physical contact with the donor.
  • IAA was deemed an essential business and we have remained open and ready to take vehicle donations, whatever the condition.
  • People have more time on their hands so many are doing home improvement projects, organizing closets and cleaning out garages where old cars, boats, and motorcycles may be taking up space and they need somewhere to donate them.

Are you ready for some more good news? Donation unit sales are at a three-year high! The sale of the vehicles at the auction are leading to more proceeds for your charity, and what’s even better is that you are not using your own staff resources to achieve this success! We do all the administrative work for you, all we ask is that you promote your vehicle donation program via newsletters, word of mouth, social media and through any virtual events you are hosting.

There has never been a more important time to market your program. Take advantage and reach out to your donors.

We are in this together, so please let me know if the IAA team can be of further assistance. This pdf has some helpful social media posts that you can use to promote your program today and moving forward.

Stay safe and healthy,

Corey Kusaba,
Senior Director, Charity & VPS, IAA

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