How to Register as an IAA Buyer Online

Registering as either an Individual (Public) or Licensed Business Buyer is easy. Our improved online registration system lets you conveniently sign up from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be bidding and buying in no time. 

1. Create your Account

Enter your first name, last name, e-mail and a password to start the registration process. Once complete, you’ll be prompted to finish your profile with important information such as your primary activity, preferred language, country and mobile phone number.

2. Selecting a Business Type

Individual (Public) Buyers
Individual Buyers can bid at auctions that are open to the public (varies by state) and on vehicles that can be sold to the public.

If you are in a state that does not permit public buying, you will be prompted to either continue registration confirming you are aware that you cannot bid in your state and must find a broker who can help you purchase inventory, or upgrade to a business account.

Note: Individual Buyers should confirm that a vehicle they wish to bid on is located at a branch open to the public and is available for public purchase. Buyers can check the ‘Who Can Bid’ list found on the drop-down menu in Bid Information on the Vehicle Detail Page at

Vehicle Detail Page on

Licensed Business Buyers

As a Business Buyer you can bid at auctions on inventory where your business license meets state requirements.


3. Upgrade to a Buyer Account or Continue as a Guest

You can either select ‘Continue’ to complete your registration as a free guest account, or you can select ‘Upgrade’ to start your registration as a paid buyer.

4. Gather Your Documents

To register online you will need to provide the following valid, up to date documents:
A government issued ID (choose one):

  • Driver’s license
  • State ID
  • Passport

If your ID does not include your address, IAA will need proof of address (choose one):

  • Tax payment
  • Utility bill
  • Another official document that includes your name and address

To register as a Licensed Buyer, you will also need:

A Business License

License Requirements within the United States: 

You can register as a Licensed Business Buyer with an automotive-related business license. If you do not have an automotive-related business, you can still register by selecting the “other” license type option.  

A non-automotive related licensed business is limited to bid on the same inventory as Individual (public) Buyers in most cases. This business type is not tax-exempt, but benefits from a License Business Buyer fee structure. 

License Requirements from Outside the United States: 

If you are located outside the United States, you can only register as a Licensed Business Buyer if you have a business license for an automotive-related business such as: 

  • Dealer
  • Dismantler
  • Importer
  • Exporter
  • Rebuilder
  • Repair Facility
  • Scrapper
  • Body Shop
Canadian Business License

  • Notarized English Translation of Business License (if original in a different language other than English, and unless the license is already translated in English by the issuing government on the backside or same side as the original language.)
  • Routed Export Agreement – Allows for the export of vehicles from the U.S.
  • Texas VTR-901 Export Only Form (Optional: enables access to the Texas branches)
Additional Optional Forms: Tax License (PST/TVQ) and (GST/HST)

Mexico Business License

  • R.F.C. con Tarjeta de Hacienda (Actividad relacionada con autos)
  • Tarjeta CANACO (Solo aplica para negocios en Baja California)
  • Contrato de Exportación Dirigida – Documento necesario para exportar de los Estados Unidos
  • Texas VTR-901 Certificado de Comprador (Opcional: Para comprar en las subastas de Texas)
Foreign Business License (Non-Mexican/Non-Canadian)

  • Business License (must be automotive-related)
  • Notarized English Translation of Business License (if original is in a different language other than Spanish and unless the license is already translated in English by the issuing government on the backside or same side as the original language.)
  • Routed Export Agreement - Allows for the export of vehicles from the U.S.
  • Texas VTR-901 Export Only Form (Opcional: Para comprar en las subastas de Texas)

Resale Certificates (for sales tax exemption)

While some states issue an annual resale certificate, others require us to collect the state-issued tax license, and the resale form approved by the state, for us to allow tax exemption. Those states that do not issue a tax license, but charge sales tax at the point of sale, still require us to collect the state-approved resale form in order to allow tax exemption. 

  • Resale Certificates for sale tax exemption can be completed at a later date. Please note, buyer is responsible for providing payment by due date and submitting needed resale certificate to be sales tax exempt.
To view all resale certificates, please visit the IAA Help Center.  

eSignature Resale Certificates

The following documents are available to be completed and submitted online.

  • CA Resale Certificate
  • FL Affidavit – (available to non-US buyers only)
  • GA ST-5 (in-state business)
  • GA ST-4 (out-of-state business)
  • CRT 61 – IL
  • IN ST-105d
  • NY ST-120
Note: eSignature is not available in Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Texas.  

5. Submit Your Images

On mobile with the IAA Buyer App™

Register, capture and submit required documents, then manage your account from the convenience of your smartphone or mobile device.

Get the IAA Buyer App.

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Online at

Register directly on our website from any internet connect device.
We accept JPG, PNG or GIF files up to 25 MB.
You can still complete your registration without uploading any images; however, you will not be able to bid in auctions until we receive those documents.

6. Payment

A registration fee of $200 is required at sign-up. You can pay for your registration with a credit card or debit card. Once your registration is active, we offer additional options to pay for your vehicle purchases, which can be found on our How to Pay page.

What comes next?

Our Customer Support group will review your documents and activate your account, or contact you if we need additional information. You will receive an email notifying you that your account is active. 

IAA’s Customer Support is available Monday to Saturday via Live Chat by telephone: +1 877-937-4243. You can also submit questions via the IAA Help Center.  

Still have questions? Visit the IAA Help Center to find more information including best practices, how to buy a vehicle, how to pay for a vehicle and more. 

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