Insurance Auto Auctions actively monitors and engages on legislative and regulatory matters to help promote responsible business conduct and continued healthy expansion of the salvage auto auction industry. IAA's Government Affairs Department works with lobbyists, insurance companies and others to support legislative bills that are beneficial to the industry and all of its participants.

New Bills

Minnesota Senate Bill 2804

Introduced April 8, 2019

Proposed bill would allow an insurer to obtain a salvage title when the original title is unavailable.

IAA supports this bill.

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Enacted Bills

Arkansas House Bill 1322/Act 497

Effective around July 24, 2019

This act amends the definition of a “water-damaged” vehicle to mean a motor vehicle that has been submerged or partially submerged in water to the point that rising water has:

(i) Reached over the doorsill of the motor vehicle; (ii) Entered the passenger compartment of the motor vehicle; and (iii) Caused damage to the motor vehicle's powertrain, primary computer, or electrical systems.

IAA’s position is neutral.

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Arkansas Senate Bill 494/Act 524

Effective around July 24, 2019

This act provides an expedited process for a certificate of title and registration. The new expedited process also applies to salvage title applications. There is an additional fee of $10.00 for the service.

IAA’s position is neutral.

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South Carolina House Bill 3310/Act 17

Effective April 3, 2019

This act allows an insurance company or its agent to obtain a salvage certificate of title for a vehicle when a claimant fails to deliver the title to the insurance company or its agent under certain circumstances.

IAA supports this bill.

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Utah Senate Bill 82

Effective October 1, 2019

The introduced bill would have resulted in a theft-recovered vehicle with little or no damage to receive a rebuilt salvage title. Per IAA’s request, the bill was amended in the following way:

An insurance company may obtain a clear title for the stolen vehicle. When the vehicle is recovered, the insurance company may sell the vehicle with that title. However, if the vehicle is either a salvage or non-repairable vehicle, the insurance company should obtain a salvage or non-repairable title for the vehicle.

IAA supports the above change.

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Failed Bills

Maryland House Bill 1164

Would have amended the definition of a salvage vehicle by deleting the 75% damage threshold and replacing it with “value of the vehicle is below the vehicle value threshold.”  The DMV was to determine the vehicle value threshold using “formula or other method” that provides an insurance company flexibility in determining when to declare a vehicle salvage.

IAA opposes the bill.

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Virginia House Bill 1780/Senate Bill 1364

Proposed bill would have removed the requirement that a vehicle be a late model in order to meet the definition of salvage vehicle.

IAA opposes the bill.

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For more information about IAA's legislative and regulatory activities, contact:

Katerina Dotzeva

Director of Government Affairs, Insurance Auto Auctions