Insurance Auto Auctions actively monitors and engages on legislative and regulatory matters to help promote responsible business conduct and continued healthy expansion of the salvage auto auction industry. IAA's Government Affairs Department works with lobbyists, insurance companies and others to support legislative bills that are beneficial to the industry and all of its participants.

New Bill

Delaware Senate Bill 174

Introduced April 25, 2018

  • This bill was introduced on behalf of IAA.

  • It provides a process for an insurance company to apply for a salvage title when it has paid a total loss claim on a vehicle but is unable to obtain the vehicle title from the owner. In addition, it allows a salvage pool that is in possession of a vehicle that was brought to the salvage pool at the direction of an insurance company to apply for a salvage title if the insurance company has denied coverage and the vehicle is abandoned at the salvage pool facility by the vehicle owner or lienholder.

  • Passed the Senate.

Original text

Amendment No. 1

Amendment No. 2

Enacted Legislation

Arizona House Bill 2306

Effective August 3, 2018 with a delayed effective date as noted below.

  • Outlines requirements and restrictions for towing companies' vehicle transport and storage, billing practices and vehicle release.

  • Requires, effective January 1, 2019, a person to use a standard Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) form when requesting release of a towed vehicle or release or property from a towed vehicle and allows the form to be submitted through email or other electronic means.

  • Requires ADOT to develop a vehicle release form and a release of liability for personal items form by December 31, 2018, and allows ADOT to revise the forms thereafter.

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For more information about IAA's legislative and regulatory activities, contact:

Katerina Dotzeva

Director of Government Affairs, Insurance Auto Auctions


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