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Inspection Services®

IAA Inspection Services provides sellers with a digital solution for remote vehicle inspections and appraisals that can save them significant cycle time and expense.

Technology-based Process for Remote Inspections and Appraisals

We provide a photo inspection platform for total loss claims to enable desk reviews/estimates with a comprehensive set of images, allowing sellers to inspect quickly and cost effectively! IAA Inspection Services minimizes travel time, increases productivity, and lowers storage costs.

Our platform provides faster turn-around times and more choices for settling total loss claims.
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How do sellers benefit from IAA inspection Services?
  • Vehicle Inspections are done quickly and cost effectively

  • Minimize travel time and increase staff productivity

  • Lower advance charges and storage fees

  • Provides more choices for settling total loss claims

  • Configurable workflows to allow seamless interaction

Benefits of the IAA Inspection Services Solution

How does IAA inspection Services work?

Depending on the services they choose, sellers receive high-definition images, a condition/ACV report, and the appraisal.

We offer four services—at a per vehicle cost — depending on the seller’s needs.

Enhanced Images

We capture 50-60 high-definition images that provides greater visibility into the damages, condition, and options it carries. Combined with the check in Images it provides all the details to accurately write an estimate, this allows sellers to see damage first-hand without deploying assets to the field.

Condition Report

Provides pre-loss vehicle condition and option details on the vehicle and all the information required to generate an accurate appraisal. We support all leading industry estimating platforms.


Working with one of our strategic partners, an accurate appraisal is generated. Once an appraisal is complete, it is sent to the seller and uploaded via their chosen estimating platform.

Undercarriage Inspection

Inspection Services has expanded its suite of features with the latest in photo enhancement services. Utilizing our rigid racks, vehicles can be photographed to obtain multiple views of the undercarriage on a per vehicle basis to better evaluate the damage and condition of the entire vehicle.

For questions or inquiries, please contact your IAA sales representative.

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