IAA Manage Offers on a mobile device

IAA Manage Offers

IAA Manage Offers is an online negotiation tool that gives bidders and sellers a chance to exchange offers after a vehicle comes off the block. Each negotiation expires at 8 p.m. auction local time, so bidders will know what they owe by day’s end. Bidders will be able to negotiate in IAA AuctionNow™, on IAAI.com and via the IAA Buyer App

What is IAA Manage Offers

IAA Manage Offers allows sellers and buyers to negotiate on If Bids immediately after a vehicle leaves the auction block. IAA Manage Offers sends you notifications showing offers from sellers so you can decide whether to keep your offer, make a counteroffer, or buy the vehicle.  

How it Works

If a vehicle does not hit its reserve, you may receive an automated Buy Now Offer. You will have 30 minutes to accept or decline the offer. If the offer is declined or it expires, the vehicle is placed back into the Manage Offers digital negotiation process which works as follows: 

  1. An initial counteroffer from the seller to the bidder 

  2. A counteroffer from the bidder to the seller 

  3. A final decision by the seller 

  4. Buyer decision to accept or decline 

The process may end sooner if the bidder or seller accepts a counteroffer or if the seller declines the bidder’s offer. It is important to note that all negotiations automatically expire at 8:00 p.m.of the auction’s local time. Any offers that have not been accepted by the bidder or seller will automatically expire. 

That’s it. You can see more detail about each bidder step below. 

Manage Offers FAQ's

How Do I Know I Have an Offer

There are 3 ways to know that you have an offer.

1. In IAA AuctionNow™ – During the auction you will see a yellow notification in the Manage Offers tab on the left side of the screen.

Manage offers tab in IAA Buyer App

2. During or after the auction you can visit the IAAI.com Dashboard where you will see items in the Manage Negotiation Offers section.

Manage Negotiation Offers Section on IAAI.com

3. During or after the auction you can visit the IAA Buyer App Landing page Dashboard or My Accounts – Post Sale section.

IAA Buyer App Dashboard

You can enable SMS Text and Email notifications in your IAAI.com Buyer Profile. In the Buyer mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can receive a Push notification any time a seller sends you an offer. Note: Email notifications WILL NOT be available on automated Buy Now Offers.

Dashboard messaging on IAAI.com

How Do I Respond to an Offer

To respond to an offer, choose an option in AuctionNow, the IAAI.com Dashboard or the IAA Buyer App. Once you have opened the offer:  

You may receive an automated Buy Now Offer generated by IAA and not the seller. This offer is only available for a limited time. You can choose to Accept or Decline. If you choose to Decline or miss the time window and the offer expires, the seller will still be able to send you a counteroffer.

Manage Offers - Buy Now Offer on desktop computerManage Offers Buy Now Offer on Mobile device

If the seller sends you a counteroffer:

  1. You can keep your high bid by selecting Keep My Bid. When you choose this option, the seller will no longer be able to send another counteroffer and must make a final decision to sell the vehicle for your highest bid or schedule for a later sale date. 

  2. You can accept the seller’s offer by selecting Buy It.

  3. You can submit a higher bid by selecting Raise My Bid and entering a new offer. Please note this will be your only chance to change your offer. Your offer must be in $25 increments. 

Manage Offers - Auction Now with your highest bid and seller offerManage Offers - IAAI.com dashboard and manage offers tab Manage Offers - Screenshot of IAA Buyer App with your highest bid and seller offer

Once you have entered your decision, the seller will be notified and can choose to accept or decline your offer.