IAA Transport™

No Storage Fees | Free Expedited Title Delivery | Real-Time Delivery Quote

Vehicle Transportation Now Available for Domestic Towing

Getting your vehicle where it needs to go just got easier. When you select “IAA Transport” at checkout, you’ll receive a quote based on distance or final destination – then simply click “Yes.” IAA will handle delivering the vehicle anywhere in the continental U.S.

Why IAA Transport?


  • -Monitor your vehicle’s status at IAAI.com
  • -Access the service from your computer or smart phone
  • -Customer service offered in 8 languages
  • -Work directly with IAA throughout the entire process


  • -Features more than 4,500 registered carriers representing 30,000+ trucks
  • -Offers full damage-claim handling via IAA Buyer Services


  • -No additional storage fees*
  • -Free expedited delivery on title documents
  • -Save on wire fees by covering your vehicle purchase and delivery in a single payment


  • -Receive a real-time delivery quote
  • -AFC financing available for licensed business buyers

Watch this video to learn more

*Any storage fees accrued before IAA Transport is requested are still the responsibility of the buyer.