Thorough Vehicle Inspections from CarInspector.US

An independent, third-party vehicle inspection helps our buyers bid confidently with detailed information and on-site value assessment. IAA offers our buyers a wide range of digital tools that make buying easier as part of the IAA Interact Platform: Research Used Car Auctions | IAA an in-person inspection of a vehicle is sometimes necessary to complete an informed decision.

An informed buyer is a confident buyer. IAA wants our buyers to have confidence throughout the auction experience and to do so, is working with CarInspector.US, our exclusive nationwide inspection vendor. Receive additional high-quality photos, a more detailed damage assessment, and a full inside-out report to prep you for bidding. 

A detailed CarInspector.US Inspection Report includes the following assessments: 

Vehicle details and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoding

VIN decoding provides specific details about the vehicle model, standard and optional equipment, where and when it was manufactured. This portion of the inspection also provides an overall condition assessment, and a vehicle history report - if available.

Under-hood Report

The vehicle inspector performs a visual review of all the systems that are under the hood and photographs the engine compartment. Many of today's vehicles use trim pieces under the hood to shroud the engine and mechanical systems, batteries and fluid reservoirs so having an in-person inspection is particularly important.

Interior Items

Full evaluation of interior condition and systems. This includes any airbags that have gone off, the dashboard & gauges, lights, upholstery, power locks/mirrors and other key interior items in the vehicle. It is important that buyers know in detail, the condition of the interior of the vehicle as items such as airbags and dashboards are complex to repair or replace. 

Body of Vehicle

Top-to-bottom visual condition assessment of all body panels such as doors and bumpers. If the vehicle has a frame it will be visually inspected to the degree possible. With the detailed report and included close up photos you will know the condition of the headlights, taillights, windows and other major exterior components of the particular vehicle. Any visually observable damage to the vehicle will be noted on the inspection report. 

Tires and Brakes

Having a trained set of eyes evaluating the condition of the vehicle tires is extremely valuable. Replacing a single tire can run into the hundreds of dollars and knowing the condition of the wheels is invaluable. As the inspection is visual only, the inspector will not be able to ascertain the life of brake components, only if they are damaged or not, in order for our buyers to make the most informed decisions possible.

Engine and Transmission

Inspectors detail condition upon starting the vehicle, including leaks, abnormal noise, and gear-shifting ability.

Steering and Suspension

If the vehicle starts, inspectors report type of steering, abnormal noises present when the wheel is turned, visual observations and overall performance when possible.

Air Conditioning

Inspectors note if the vehicle has air conditioning and report performance details upon starting of the vehicle when possible.


In addition to the information provided in the vehicle detail and VIN decode regarding manual / automatic transmission and the number of speeds, a drivetrain evaluation will be completed by the inspector, to the degree possible, depending on vehicle condition.

Additional Findings and Images

Getting to the right price and establishing an understanding of the overall vehicle condition helps IAA Buyers arrive at the right price for a vehicle. The commentary and additional images that may be included in an inspection report is a key part of evaluating the purchase.

Learn how to order an inspection report by visiting the IAA Help Center.

IAA’s relationship with our exclusive nationwide vendor, CarInspector.US, gives buyers the opportunity to go beyond the online auction experience and receive an in-person damage assessment prior to bidding. 

CarInspector.US representatives perform vehicle inspections at auctions throughout the U.S. and Canada to provide buyers with detailed vehicle information not obviously present in photos or videos. IAA highly recommends this service to ensure buyers are bidding confidently.