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IAA CustomBid™ is an online tool that will save you time by helping you automate your scrap bidding process. Recyclers, scrappers and dismantlers can easily customize their pre-bids within the preferred pricing criteria and then apply them to their preferred auctions.

Vehicle Information

  • 存货编号: 33875208
  • 销售分公司: West Palm Beach (FL)
  • VIN(状况): 5GTDN13E578****** (OK)
  • 损失: Collision
  • 主要损坏: Left Rear
  • 车辆拥有证/销售文件: REBUILDABLE (Florida)
  • 起始代码: Run & Drive
  • Key: Present
  • 里程计: 207,949 mi (Not Required/Exempt)
  • Airbags: Intact
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Vehicle Description

  • VIN(状况): 5GTDN13E578****** (OK)
  • 车辆: Automobile
  • 主体样式: UTILITY
  • 引擎: 3.7L DOHC 5-CYLINDER MFI
  • 变速箱: Automatic Transmission
  • 传动系统类型: All Wheel Drive
  • 燃料类型: Gasoline
  • 气缸: 5 Cylinders
  • 外饰/内饰: White/ Unknown
  • 选项: Console Display
  • 产地: United States
  • 型号: H3
  • 系列: SUV
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Bid Information

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  • 当前出价: $50


  • 销售分公司: West Palm Beach (FL)
  • 车辆地点:
    位置 分部
  • 拍卖日期与时间: 月份 四月 3, 8:30am (CDT)
  • 车道/运行#: B - #50
  • 走道/车位: A - 42
  • 实际现金价值: $7,641 USD
  • 估算维修成本: $6,864 USD
  • 卖家: ******
  • 车辆拥有证/销售文件: REBUILDABLE (Florida)

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