IAA Buyer

The IAA Buyer App lets you search, bid on, buy and pay for vehicles while you’re on the go. Buyers can access our innovative digital auction tools and receive instant notifications on your mobile device, including alerts when you’ve been outbid, auction status changes, payment notices and more. If you’re an IAA Seller, learn how to efficiently manage inventory using CSAToday. It gives our Sellers the ability to assign vehicles, find estimated salvage values and more anytime, anywhere. Towers and Transporters should download the IAA Tow App to receive notifications when vehicles are dispatched. Learn about the app’s features designed to assist our network of tow partners via your mobile device.


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Arrange Pickup or Delivery on the IAA Buyer App

Setting up delivery of your won vehicles through IAA Transport™ or scheduling self-pickup is fast and easy with the IAA Buyer App.Stay on the go and keep your business moving with just a few taps on your mobile device.


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IAA Transport™

IAA Transport™ is our all-in-one delivery solution designed to streamline your vehicle acquisitions. Receive a competitive rate and arrange delivery in one step when you check out.
IAA Transport™ is our all-in-one delivery solution designed to streamline your vehicle acquisitions
  • No extra storage fees. 

  • No phone calls or paperwork. 

  • Fast, safe delivery by experienced towers. 

  • Real-time tracking to keep you informed. 

IAA Transport™ delivers anywhere in the U.S. and to select international destinations.

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Log into your IAA buyer account, or register to become an IAA buyer to bid on and buy vehicles from your mobile device. Search IAA’s extensive inventory featuring thousands of vehicles using customized filters and find your next vehicle using our IAA Interact™ merchandising platform that provides detailed information for every vehicle. The IAA Buyer App is accessible from both iOS and Android devices. 
IAA Buyer App Features
  • 可接收包括竞价被他人超过警告、待授状态变更、到期付款通知等即时帐户通知。

  • 轻松将车辆添加到您的观察列表,并直接从应用程序中管理您的预出价。

  • 根据您的车辆搜索历史和销售记录来获取针对性推荐内容。

  • 启用语音命令,即可进行语音搜索。

  • 可查看 VIN 详情,包括全面的零件分解图。 可使用更多 VIN 详情,以访问多达320个附加 VIN 详情。

  • 可按日期、时间、分部、城市或州对拍卖条件进行快速筛选。

  • 一次可搜索多个品牌和型号,使您更快地找到您想要的车辆。

  • 通过按库存量来轻松识别合格的出价许可方,以简化您的购车流程。

  • 通过 WhatsApp、电子邮件、SMS短信和各类社交媒体应用程序即时共享库存。

  • 直接从您的个人资料中查看所有售前和售后详情,以及竞标和转售表格。

  • 使用 iPay 或您的 AFC 信用额度(如适用)进行付款。

  • 使用 HINT 获取有关应用程序功能的有用提示。

  • 直接从 Key Image、IAA 360 View™ 和 IAA Cost Calculator等应用程序访问 IAA 的在线工具。

Functionally Speaking

If you can do it from your computer, you can do it from the app. Search, bid and buy directly from your mobile device or tablet.